10 years on and going strong

We are open for private tours with public tours starting mid-Jan 2022.

Private tours are 100% custom, and can leave anytime from anywhere any time. Each tour is built by us to have the perfect itinerary tailored specifically for your next corporate event, team building, bucks, hens or birthday party - if you even need a reason to have an awesome day out. Budget $225+ per person for a private tour.

Public tours to the Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula and Urban Melbourne leave weekly, starting mid-Jan 2022, at $165pp.

We believe it is time to leave a venue when there are more empty glasses than full glasses and we can't find anything else to drink. Pilsners to pale ales, apple and pear champagne ciders, vodka, whisky, rum and gin, fruit wines, grape wines, porters and stouts who knows what we will find and drink along the way. Dietary requirements aren't a problem we can cater to vegetarians, vegans, allergies, gluten-free, certified awesome and COVID-intolerant people and with so many amazing venues making such a diverse range of products will make sure everyone is satisfied.

All our tours, public and private are an all-inclusive, truly glutenous, good time!


We are open and have been running private tours since November 2020 with our new public tours starting back up in January 2022.

We have always been proud of the service we provide, the honest and transparent way we interact with our customers, employees and venue partners and the safety of our products. During the outbreak and lockdown, we have, as always, been flexible with bookings and refunded in full. We will keep in contact throughout your booking process, right up to your event, and will continue to be flexible with COVID (and the rest of life’s) interruptions.

  • We have extended gift cards an extra 18 months.
  • If you want to be notified of upcoming departures, please sign up to our waitlist.
  • During lockdown we reworked our products to pack in even more value.
  • We have added some COVIDIY type things to the safety equipment carried on every tour.
  • Booking direct with us (rather than third-parties) will ensure you get the best product and service, so we recommend cutting out the middle-man and keeping it local.

Stay happy and safe, contact us with any questions and, well, f*** COVID19!

Long Live Aussie Brewery Tours

My name is Scott and in 2007, I was living in the USA. During a trip home to Australia, I wanted to visit some of the breweries in the Yarra Valley with some mates, but nobody wanted to drive us and no tours existed. 3 years later I returned home to Australia and decided that if beer tourism wasn’t yet a thing, I should create it.

We have now toured with over 25,000 guests, maintained a 5-star rating, kept our group-sizes small, have the best guides, jam-pack each tour with as much food and drink as we can and are mates with over 90 of the the best venues, creators and activity providers in Australia.

It has been a lot of fun creating and operating one of Australia’s top-rated and recognised tour companies. Long live Aussie Brewery Tours!

The Best Venue Partners

We have over 90 different venue and activity partners who are the backbone of our business. They proudly pour their heart and soul into making the products, experiences and venues that enrich our celebrations and social occasions.

Our day starts when we pickup our guests, who are already happy and in a good mood, anticipating the fun to come. We start with mega-tastings, drinking everything we can find, and as the tour rolls on everyone gets happier and happier – what a way to live your life, surrounded by happy people!

Breweries, cideries and distilleries. Cocktail bars and wineries. Clay target shooting, making your own beer and bubble soccer. No matter where your tour takes you, our partners will treat you like a treasured old friend, the VIP of the party.


We are very proud of the value we pack into our tours. Tastings are huge and include all the single batch and specialty drinks we can find. We keep our public tours small, only visit the best venues, and the food is as plentiful as it is tasty. If you book your public tour directly with us, or with one of our preferred agents, we also include free hotel pickups.

We pay our guides well, compensate our venue partners for their hard work and ensure our licences, insurances and vehicles are all up-to-date. Each tour includes back of house access, free water and extra drinks and nibbles.

You could jump on a public tour or create your own private tour, either way, you can leave your wallet at home and let us take care of everything.

Tour across Australia & New Zealand

Aussie Brewery Tours operate out of Melbourne, Australia, and run tours around Urban Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula (75 minutes) and the Yarra Valley (60 minutes) with specialty tours out to Geelong, the Great Ocean Road and Ballarat.

Throughout the years we have developed relationships with like-minded tour operators around Australia and New Zealand. We hang out at beer festivals, discuss product ideas, attend conferences together and you can now book their tours from our website.

Aussie Brewery Tours is now all over Aussie – oh, and New Zealand!

Public & Private Tours

Aussie Brewery Tours operate daily, public, small group and special tours that take in festivals and events throughout the year. Our customers come from all over Australia and the world, sometimes with nothing more in common than the desire to get involved and have an exceptional time. They leave our tours with fond (and fuzzy) memories and lifelong friends.

Our private tours are 100% custom, utilising our network of over 75 venue and activity providers to create a custom event matched to your specifications. This could be an intimate, two-person tour to celebrate a special anniversary or a 100+ person corporate event, complete with food, drinks and entertainment.

So whether we met you at your hotel for a public tour or at your work for a private tour, Aussie Brewery Tours has you covered.

Keep it local

The tourism industry, like many, is struggling at the moment under extreme pressure from a number of large companies who are using their dominant market position, as well as their access to cheap capital to crush small operators. We believe this creates an unsustainable industry and creates a worse overall product and experience for customers.

Tripadvisor is one of these companies. They started as a review site, but have now monetised those reviews by ‘forcing’ businesses to list their products on their website, at a 25-30% commission rate (don’t list and you don’t rank). Tripadvisor are not alone with commission rates skyrocketing across the industry, with these larger companies forcing small, independent operators to pay more fees, adopt terms and conditions that don’t suit their products and putting restrictions around special and unique tours and offers that operators wish to create and sell.

These companies are also buying up the booking platforms and software forcing users to connect this way. These companies are sucking the life our of our industry.

To make things worse, as soon as COVID hit a number of these companies made it hard for customers to get refunds, didn’t pay operators money for tours run pre-covid and fired large numbers of their staff (Tripadvisor has made billions of dollars in the last few years and fired 25% of their staff in April 2020 – real classy!).

I know this sounds like a bit of a whinge. Operators though are starting to band together so we can create a better industry. Tourism is about personal connections and great, passionate people creating great, amazing products. We love creating fun products and our customers are amazing. Many think this is now just the price of doing business, but we believe that 25% is an unreasonable tax for what these companies provide and would much rather see that money used to add extra value to our products. We support over 90 different venues and activity providers, pay our guides well so we get the best people to make your day amazing and ensure all our vehicles are safe and our licences and insurances are paid. These companies usually don’t pay tax in Australia and routinely break our consumer protection laws with little or no repercussions

When possible, please book direct with operators and suppliers (activity providers, restaurants and accommodation providers) and bypass large booking websites. You are not getting a good deal, 25-45% of the value of your product disappears as soon as you press pay and communication and service is slowed as there is now a middle-man to stuff things up (and they really do stuff things up a lot). We all love a discount, but when on holidays or celebrating life don’t worry about dollars and just make it epic! If dollars are a concern. contact the operator directly, tell them what you want to do and they will help you out!