Build Your Own

Your tour, built by us

Every private tour is unique and we pride ourselves on not running the same cookie-cutter tour over and over. We love creating fun, new itineraries, our guides enjoy running unique events and our guests deserve the tour they want, not the tour we ran last time.

  • Our tours are for groups between 2 and 100+ people.
  • We have over 50 different venue partners so we can tour your choice of breweries, wineries, distilleries, cocktail bars, cideries, pubs and restaurants.
  • You can add one of over 30 different activities into your tour. Making, racing, learning, creating, eating and drinking – we have you covered.
  • Our tours include pickup and drop-offs at the locations you choose – your house, work, a favourite breakfast place, the pub.
  • Our tours are all-inclusive, with meals, snacks, tastings, drinks and activities all included. We don’t skip on the food and reach for the top shelf – leave your wallet and cash at home.
  • Tour day or night.
  • The best each venue has to offer at the best venues Victoria has to offer!

Price and booking.

We recommend budgeting $225-350pp for an exceptional day out – it could be a tad cheaper or we can shoot for the stars. Our tours showcase the best each venue and activity has to offer, they are big tours, with big inclusions.

If your budget is under $185 (weekdays) or $225 (Saturdays,) we recommend keeping it simple and visiting your favourite venue. Simple is good.

To book in a private tour:

  • First tell us a little about the occasion and what you want from the event. There should be a ‘create your tour‘ link/widget/button on this page. You can also call us and we can go through this over the phone with you.
  • We will then create your custom itineraries, working with you to get them just right.
  • Once you have created your perfect tour we will lock it in with you with a 30% deposit. The balance is due a week from the tour.
    We then work with you right up until your event date, catering for any last minute changes.

What is included?

  • Our tours are all-inclusive.
  • We eat everything, with multi-course main meals and food throughout the tour. You won’t need to buy any extra food.
  • We mix up the day with massive drinking sessions where we try everything a place has to offer or follow a choose your own adventure where it is your choice of beer, wine, cider, spirits, cocktails. If the venue has it, so can you, the drinks are on us!
  • You will have your own private vehicle and professional guide. We use modern, air-conditioned vehicles from 8-seat vans through to 55 seat coaches. We use a driver and guide for groups over 25 for superior service.
  • Our guides are hospitality guru’s who will ensure your day runs smoothly from start to end.
  • All activities and extras are included in each tour.
  • We have water and cold drinks on board and hand sanitiser on all of our vehicles.
  • Pickup and drop-off at a location of your choice.
  • GST (10%), banking fees and merchant fees (3%) plus booking system fees (6%) are all included in the price.

What isn't included?

  • There is no need for tips and gratuities as we pay our guides well and it is not an Australian custom – it is always appreciated though, so if you love your guide, go for it!
  • Merchandise and an array of takeaway food and drink can be purchased on tour. If you are keen to top-up your home bar, or collect pub tees, bring some cash!
  • We can deliver any drinks you purchase on the day, to any address in Melbourne.

What do I need to bring?

  • An extraordinary, devil-may-care attitude!
  • Your dancing shoes and your singing voice.
  • We provide hand-sanitiser, but sure, bring yours.
  • Bring a mask, ya know, just in case. In particular if we want to walk around out the back somewhere, it can be a good idea.
  • We provide bottled water and some cold drinks for between stops, however it’s also cool to bring your own drink bottle.

Times & pickups

We can operate tours day or night, 7 days a week and we can pick your group up and drop them off anywhere (within reason).

Tour breakdown

Aussie Brewery Tours have a philosophy about the best way to run a tour. We recommend mega-tastings and activities first thing when taste buds are fresh and attention spans are vast. Tastings are mini-master-classes and are large. We encourage everyone to get involved but don’t force anyone to do anything.

As the day rolls on we mix up tastings sessions with our drink cards. Our drink cards allow people to choose what they drink, at the pace they want to drink it. Beer, wine, cider, spirits. tasting flights or cocktails it is your day and your choice. We showcase the best each venue and activity has to offer.

Our guides/hosts are experts in allowing the day to flow at the pace of your group and the value of each tour is not the number of stops, but enjoying the food, drinks and ambience in each venue.

Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley has a fantastic variety of craft breweries, cider houses, wineries and distilleries plus great places to eat and several nearby activities. We have different lunch options available to us with the historic Yarra Valley Grand Hotel, Coldstream Brewpub, Hominy Southern Kitchen and Oakridge Wines amongst our favourites.

Watts River, Coldstream, Matilda Bay, Meletos and the Public Brewery are some of our favourite Yarra Valley beer stops. Four Pillars make a variety of gins and Alchemy Distillery make different vodka, gin, rum, whisky and many other distilled products depending on the season. There are plenty of wineries in the Yarra Valley with Helen and Joey, Oakridge, Kellybrook and Punt Road some of our favourites. For the cider lovers, this is a fantastic region, with St Ronan’s award-winning cider champagnes and regular ciders and over 5 types of blueberry wines from a still, through sparkling into a barrel-aged fortified. If you love chocolate and cheese, then a trip to the Yarra Valley Dairy or the Chocolaterie might be up your alley.

Urban Melbourne

Suburban Melbourne is more beer oriented, but there are some great cocktail places, as well as some fun restaurants. We visit around two-dozen brewery partners surrounding the city, stretching out to all four points of the compass. On the non-beer front, we love Brogan’s Way (gin distillery) and the city winery Noisy Ritual as fantastic stops to mix things up alongside Boilermaker House, 1806 and Frankies for spirits and cocktails. Most stops also serve other drinks (wine, cider and spirits depending on the venue) so everyone should be happy. We eat at Crafty Squire, Boilermaker House, Burnley Brewpub, Temple Brewery, Clifton Hill Brewpub and Stomping Ground Brewery (weekdays only) who all serve up fantastic food. We can run the Urban tour over a slightly shorter time frame as there is less driving at the start and end of the day.

All of our regions are constantly evolving as more food and drink creators set up venues. We are often creating speciality tours and are always happy to hear your thoughts on including any venue or activity to create your perfect tour.

Mornington Peninsula

Mornington is a little different from the other regions as it is both further from Melbourne and also covers a large area, that is often a little harder to break into segments – i.e. The Yarra Valley is easy to zig-zag all over, whereas Mornington is more like one long straight line (a peninsula if you will!). It is more expensive to run as it takes longer, and Mornington thinks of itself as more fancy than the other regions. There are a few cideries and distilleries in this region, sprinkled in amongst some amazing breweries and wineries. Some venues we visit include Red Hill Brewery, St Andrews Beach Brewery, Mornington Peninsula Brewery, Jetty Road, Hix Beer and Mr Banks which are all outstanding beer stops. Mock Red Hill and Old Apple Shed are two of our favourite cider venues in Mornington. If your group is keen on some wine, then Jones Road, Stonier and Tucks Ridge are amongst our favourites with Green Olive having a fantastic launch for an afternoon relaxing. Bass & Flinders Distillery is amongst the best gin distilleries in the country.


For most groups, we can recommend an activity. It is more expensive, but it makes the day more unique. Most activities have a minimum dollar spend or minimum numbers which can make them more expensive or sometimes not workable for small groups:

  • Activities & Sports: Clay target shooting; paintball; archery and archery paintball; bubble soccer; go-karting; axe throwing…
  • Games: Laser skirmish (outdoor), virtual reality games and simulations; bowling; escape rooms; mini-golf…
  • Making: BBQ classes; cocktail making; make your own beer; make your own gin; make your own wine…

We usually do these activities before drinking (unless they involve drinking) as the first stop in your tour. If you want to include an activity, we don’t have, please, please let us know and we can organise this for you and add it into your day.

Terms and conditions

Aussie Brewery Tours will always act professionally and be fair and transparent with all of our business dealings. We have the correct insurances and licences to operate. On tour, we want you to drink as much as you want, sing, laugh, dance and be merry, but please, please don’t be a d!ckhead! Below is some extra information regarding fees, taxes, bank charges, legal conditions, cancellation policies, how much our lawyer charges us, insurances, licences, charity donations and how not to be a d!ckhead please continue…

Our full terms and conditions, FAQ and support team, via email or phone, are a valuable source of information.


Private tours: To lock in a tour we require a 30% deposit with the balance and final numbers due a week before the tour.

Public tours: You will have the choice during checkout to pay 30%, with the balance due on the day (cash) or 100% of the tour.

  • Our secure payment facility accepts Mastercard, Visa and American Express (Paypal coming soon).
  • All prices include a 6% booking fee, 3% merchant fee and 10% goods and services tax (GST).
  • Online agents (Red Ballon, Adrenaline, Viator, Tripadvisor, Expedia, etc) take between 25-35% commission to take your booking. That money is better off as value-added into your tour. Booking direct with us will allow us to always give you the best customer service, the best refund policies and add more value to each tour including more inclusions and free pickups.

Cancellation policy

Public event cancellation or rebooking (changing date) policy is:

  1. Between 0 and 48 hours from the event, 45% refund.
  2. Between 48 hours and 4 days from the event, 80% refund.
  3. Greater than 4 days – full refund minus any accrued bank/booking/merchant fees and charges.
  4. All public events require a minimum number to run. If we do not meet the minimum number of participants, we reserve the right to cancel your booking. In the event we cancel a booking, we will issue you a full refund or reissue and extension of gift cards.

Private event cancellation or changes:

  1. Pricing for private events can be both per person and include one-off charges and fees for some services.
  2. A minimum number of people is required for a private event to run, which will be the lowest number quoted. The minimum payment for a private event is the total of this minimum number of attendees.
  3. The following cancellation policy applies:
    1. Between 0-7 days before the event, the deposit is non-refundable.
    2. Between 7-14 days, 50% refund.
    3. Beyond 14 days it will be refunded in full minus and fees, deposits or other monies paid to third parties for this tour that cannot be recovered.
  4. The total payment is required no later than 7 days before the event. If the balance is not supplied within this time frame we have the right to cancel the event without issuing a refund.

We always reserve the right to pass on any fees, deposits or other monies paid to third parties for this tour that cannot be recovered because of tour cancellations.


COVID-19 didn’t really change how we operate. We always work hard to ensure every tour and event we run is exceptional, safe, hygienic, and we work with the best venues in the country, each one operating to a very high standard. We will always refund you if government restrictions limit our ability to operate legally and safely and we will always be sensible, well-trained and well-informed of our obligations as your hosts.

Public Tours:

  1. If you contact us greater than 24 hours of the tour starting with symptoms, we will refund you in full – nobody likes sick people and I don’t care how cool you are, yuck!
  2. If you cancel within 24 hours we will issue a 65% refund.

Private tours:

  1. We would refund you in full if we receive evidence that your group or the larger portion of the group has been placed in quarantine – and also send you and your friends a few cases of beer for quarantine!
  2. For individuals within the tour, we would also refund them if they tested positive to COVID19 or showed symptoms with and contacted us within no later than 12 hours from the event (within 12 hours no refund will be applied).

Gift cards:

  1. All gift cards will be extended by a year (as if 2020 didn’t exist).
  2. We have increased our prices post-COVID due to a massive increase in the cost of operating. We will address this change in price on a case by case basis.

We are following the advice of:

More COVID info here.

Dress code

  • Take into consideration what you might get up to on-tour and post-tour when you get dressed in the morning. And don’t forget to…
  • Check above if there is a product specific dress code (this will usually be when there is an activity).
  • You can wear your dress thongs, but because it requires shoes to enter certain areas of some venues (eg the brewery floor), we highly recommend wearing shoes. This brings us to the next item…
  • To be honest, we don’t care what you wear, however, some venues we visit might. Singlets (on guys) or offensive clothing might mean you’re refused entry at some venues, so stick to sleeves and civility. Which brings us nicely too…
  • We operate rain, hail or shine. Most venues have indoor and outdoor areas and we use each appropriately, but please take the weather into consideration and dress like a local. Remember, Melbourne has 4 seasons most days!


Our job is exceptionally fun. We get to hang out with people whilst they on holidays, travelling the world, hanging out with mates or celebrating something special. It goes without saying that anti-social behaviour just won’t be tolerated. Be fun, be friendly, be exceptional and respect everyone around you.

We do not allow drinking on the bus in the morning. We believe this is a tactic used by inferior companies who need you drinking on the bus because they don’t supply drinks in the venues. We will keep you well hydrated and enjoying the best venues around by minimising your time sitting around a bus drinking tins. On the way home, well, that is technically illegal, but our guides are usually busy watching the road.

Antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated, and we will ensure that you are removed from society if you display any…

  • We enjoy a few shenanigans as much as the next person; we take people cruising around drinking for a living. We are yet to have any unacceptable behaviour on tour, however, on behalf of our brewery and venue partners, we ask that you behave in an appropriate and respectful manner throughout your event.
  • All our venues adhere to Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA) laws. If you are asked to leave a venue for inappropriate behaviour, the tour is over.

Marvelous Melbourne gets boozy

We have been running private tours since 2010. We have entertained corporate guests visiting Melbourne, had 125 people tour as a reward for splendid work during the year, taken the lads out for a bucks-do-or-two and blown out the birthday candles for more years than we can count. No matter if it is a couple celebrating an anniversary or a group of one-hundred for a work function, the best tour guides and venues, creative itineraries, the right extra activities for the group and attention to the little details make each event a winner.

Our private tours have a lot of different options. In fact, when we mapped out our website we realised we would need over 120 new blocks of content to explain all the different optional extras you can add to the hundreds of different tour itineraries. You can customise almost anything you want about your tour, and if we don’t already do it, and you want to do it, then let’s do it!

Activities include go-karting, cooking classes, brewing beer and making gin, wine, cheese, sausages, pasta or cocktails. You can escape a room, visit an AFL club, play golf indoors, or outdoors, shoot some clay targets or paint balls at your friends. Laser tag is a great option and a virtual reality experience could have you doing anything in the world or anything off it! We can eat burgers, contemporary indigenous Australian, a three-course whiskey matched dinner or visit an award-winning winery or brewpub. Upgrade your vehicles and leave in the morning knowing that our tours are all-inclusive. Aussie Brewery Tours will take care of everything.

Throughout the year we will add some helpful articles to our website sharing insights from what we have learned over the years hosting bucks and hen’s parties, birthdays and corporate events. In the meantime, you can either fill in the tour creation form or get in contact with us if you have questions.