gift cards



Our gift cards are a great way to give your favourite person a special day out and hey, whilst you are there, we recommend joining them. Memories are best made together!

Gift cards are valid for 3-years and can be redeemed for any Aussie Brewery Tours products, public tours, private tours, special events, extras and merchandise. You can send your gift card by email or go old-school and we will send out a physical gift card and flyer by post (express post also available).

When you check out, choose your delivery mode by using the “extras” button. The booking process works best if you complete it once per recipient – as we address and personalise it for them. If you want to buy a number of cards, e.g. 3+, you can also email us and we can get it sorted for you.

Gift packs coming soon.


Our tours start at $165 for our 3-stop public tours and go right up to $1200pp for a 2-person private tour with all the trimmings. We have kept it easy though and our gift cards have three prices which cover most of our base tour options:

  • $1 – choose your own price in dollar increments
  • $190
  • $380

Any remaining balance can purchase extra tickets or extras on the day, including more drinks, takeaway food & drink, etc. The recipient can also cover any extra using cash or card.

Postage or email

  • Regular mail: $1. Sent out within 2 business days.
  • Express post: $8 Australia-wide. Sent out within 24 hours.
  • Email: Free. Sent within 24 hours.

There is no reason why you can’t email and post something – you can do what you want!


All gift cards have an expiry of 3-years (37 months) after their purchase date.

We keep your money in escrow (it sits in an account until you complete a tour). So it is best if you can use your gift card within 3-years, but please ask us to extend it a little if life gets in the way or you find it in that special hiding place you have.

2020 will not be included in the 3-years as it didn’t count – extensions for everyone.

Public tours are looking likely early 2021!!!

Terms and conditions

Aussie Brewery Tours will always act professionally and be fair and transparent with all of our business dealings. We have the correct insurances and licences to operate. On tour, we want you to drink as much as you want, sing, laugh, dance and be merry, but please, please don’t be a d!ckhead!

Our full terms and conditions and FAQ are great if you want more information regarding fees, taxes, bank charges, legal conditions, cancellation policies, how much our lawyer charges us, insurances, licences, charity donations and how not to be a d!ckhead.

Our support team, via the live chat, email or phone, are also a substantial source of information.


  • Our secure payment facility accepts Mastercard, Visa and American Express (Paypal coming soon). 
  • All prices include a 6% booking fee, 3% merchant fee and 10% goods and services tax (GST).

Give the gift of joy

There is no doubt that over the last few years, we have come to realise that we own everything and it makes buying gifts very difficult. What do you get Dad? Funky socks again, a bottleshop voucher, dinner and some cash? Are you really expected to pick out the correct colour and model of that thing you think your work colleague might like? How about a wedding gift your friends will remember forever, or a great way to thank the bridesmaids and groomsmen that made your special day. 

We are writing this during the COVID lockdowns and it is now easy to see why gifts that bring you together with friends and loved ones are so popular. Our tours have great food, plenty of drinks, lots of laughs, some singing on the bus, dancing on the tables, high-fives and heeltaps. That’s the gift you’re giving with an Aussie Brewery Tours tour pass.

Our gift cards come in two amounts and have a three-year expiration date. They can even get it extended, but c’mon man, three years, what are they waiting for?

Each card has a dollar amount, rather than being a pass for a particular tour product. Each year we have a number of special tours and seasonal trips and we have different products that become popular at different times of year and days of the week because of the itineraries on those days. Day or night, beer-focused or a mix of different boozy products, easy eats or a whisky matched lunch, there are a lot of options to choose from, so we think it’s best if the gift recipient chooses what they want to do. 

Gift cards are currently sent either by mail (regular or express Australia Post) as a physical card, or via email, you choose during checkout.

If you have any more questions, please get in touch and for reviews and testimonials head over to Tripadvisor, Google or Facebook to see what people are saying about our tours.