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What is a public tour and why are they private?

Since 2010 we have been running small-group, public tours, where groups of between 1 and 6 people join others from all over the world – maximum of 13 people on each tour – to spend a day out together having an amazing time.

Public tours are a lot of fun. The day starts, and the bus is a little quiet, but it isn’t long after the first stop where it gets a little louder and by lunchtime, the guide is no longer telling stories but is laughing along as people tell their own. It is rewarding when we receive a photo taken by a honeymooning couple from the USA, at 1am, with the entire tour group still partying on. Those memories will last forever.

Because of COVID19 we are, for the time being, no longer able to put different groups together on the same tour. So, instead, we have kept the same great value and made private, instantly bookable private tours. So grab a group of mates and jump on board!